Three independent approaches should be seen to mastering color processing with PhotoLab.

1- Check the Working Color Space
2- Choose the Color Rendering
3- Check the result, soft Proofing

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The Working Color Space

Since PhotoLab 6 the treatment of the colors is carried out in a widened space, DxO Wide Gamut.
Choose a working color space (palette Color)
– DxO Wide Gamut – leave as default
– Classic (old) – Allows you to recover the color renderings as they were made with a previous version

The values proposed by the DxO presets have been converted to match this new space.

Choose the Color Rendering

Before working on the image, Contrast, Brightness and Color, you must tell PhotoLab the desired color rendering as a starting point.

The Soft Proofing

Soft Proofing is an alert on the colors out of Gamut and badly returned by the support of diffusion (screen or printed support).

DxO considers that the development of a photo should not be linked to the medium of diffusion (characteristics of the screen or paper and ink).

Soft proofing is only available with the Elite edition of PhotoLab.

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To learn more, read Sam Jost’s article.
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