By default, PhotoLab’s Customize tab interface takes up a large part of the image display area. You can recover some of that space.            

It is not always necessary to display the left pane.
– Click on the cross in the title of the palettes to close them OR
– Collapse the panel by clicking on the chevron
Palettes remain accessible through the Palettes menu

Similarly, the feature highlights can be disabled.
– menu Help / Show feature highlights to hide and redisplay them

The “Metadata” palette can be replaced by the properties window
– Menu: (Windows only) Image – Image properties (Ctrl+ I)

On the other hand, the “Basic tools” palette, which contains the most frequently used tools, can be expanded permanently (illustration).
– Double click on the palette title to expand /collapse it
– Menu: Workspace  / Save  workspace

This palette can be replaced by the SmartPalette described in the following article.

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The following keyboard toggles are useful.
– menu: View – Maximise Screen (Windows: F12) Useful  on a low resolution screen
– menu: View – Show / Hide all palettes (F9) / TAB)
– menu: View – Show / Hide Image Browser (Ctrl+ F9 /

No menu on MacOS but the combination Shift+ TAB)
Toggle between PhotoLibrary and Customize modes (Ctrl+Tab)
Double click on thumbnail In PhotoLibrary  to switch to Customize mode

With two screens, the use of PhotoLab becomes more flexible by reserving one screen for palettes.
– menu: View – Undock Image Browser (Ctrl+ U /Cmd+ U) to detach / dock the Image Browser from the main window
– Drag the palettes by Clicking+ Dragging from the title to make them floating
– Menu: Workspace  / Save  workspace

All keyboard shortcuts are listed in the PhotoLab Help menu
– menu: Help / Shortcuts

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