PureRAW 3

DxO releases PureRAW 3 and proposes deepPRIME XD for Fiji X-Trans.
He’s fully compatible with the Nikon High-Efficiency raw format.
PhotoLab 6.4 is updated.

PureRAW becomes a customizable pre-processor by allowing the control of optical corrections.
– Optical sharpness of different intensities (Low, Standard, High)
– Vignetting correction and
– Chromatic aberration correction can be disabled (but not recommended)
– Lens distortion correction options

See the tutorial DxO pureRAW

PhotoLab 6.3

PhotoLab 6.3 completes his work on color by adding two new features:

* the soft proofing mode simulates Paper and ink with the use of ICC profiles
– Select an ICC paper profile
The goal is to transmit the information to the output file > Check “same as soft proofing”

– Enable the “Paper Simulation” icon for a visual preview.
– Click on the histogram icon “destination gamut warning” to locate the poorly rendered colors

It is regrettable that the list of profiles mixes screen and paper.
A priori DxO did not create ICC profiles.

See the

* the new working color space DxO Wide Gamut supports RGB images
No idea what the point of the feature is.

* Rendering Improvements
DxO noted the inconsistencies between the fidelity (neutral color, realistic tonality – gamma 2.2) and the original (DxO camera profile).
Some FilmPack renderings have been corrected.

* Management of the ambiguity of optics modules to be downloaded
By default, only unambiguous modules are selected.
New checkbox to select all.

* Ability to display pixels outside the rectangular frame of the image after distortion correction
There is an option to view the black areas of the image dropped.
Uncheck “constrain to image” which is enabled by default (according to the old behavior) PhotoLab is known to recover more side information than other software and direct JPEGs. This option allows you to exploit even more pixels by combining it with horizon or perspective correction. It is very interesting for photos taken with a wide angle.

BEWARE. The new box constrain to image is checked by default. The generic PhotoLab presets have it built in but the FilmPack presets have been forgotten.
Also, personal presets must be modified to incorporate it.

* When cropping, the maximum rectangle (the whole original image) is available.
The working zoom value is returned when validating. 
Note a bug, Escape and Entry keys do the same thing! Cancel the request by checking the box.

See the

Enhanced noise reducer; DeepPRIME XD “eXtra Details” version

Noise reduction goes further, perhaps too far, at the risk of going awry!

DeepPRIME XD improves MicroContrast in fine detail without any noticeable sharpness artifacts, but can also invent structure. As good as it is, DeepPRIME XD is not good for all images. Even though the DeepPRIME image is noisier, it is often more natural.

DxO gives the user the ability to intervene with the “Details” slider. It softens or applies additional sharpness to the image. DxO hopes to capitalize on user feedback to enrich its AI.

 By the way DeepPRIME takes advantage of this new slider.

New Wide Gamut working color space

DxO introduces a working color space that is significantly larger than AdobeRGB, the previous working color space.

This new color space allows for better preservation of color and detail in saturated areas during development.

Soft Proofing mode finally arrives

Soft proofing mode allows images to be displayed with dedicated output color profiles, for any “destination preview” such as space-constrained displays as well as Paper and ink simulation.

The histogram proposes warnings of pixels out of gamut, for the current monitor

The warning for the color profile for which the soft proofing is indicated is available only when the soft proofing (Color palette) is activated.

New ViewPoint feature

– A grid dedicated to local distortions – ReShape

– Image flipping is finally available in PhotoLab, but requires ViewPoint 4 license

– Perspective correction is integrated into PhotoLab Elite at no extra charge

Enhanced Repair tools

Masks can be modified, resized and reversed (mirrored)


* Nestable projects (sub-projects)
* New EXIF fields and support for IPTC fields
* Color labels with filter and search by OR and AND conditions
* In the Smart palette, tools are now displayed in the same order as palettes (previously alphabetical order)
* Rotation of the image is possible during cropping, but you have to be clever!

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Derek K. · 2022,December 28 at 9:47 am

I have found DeepPRIME XD incredibly powerful in rescuing very noisy images / night images – for example – it has enabled me to get some excellent shots of Uluru from the Air and also the Field of Lights – at a high ISO (no gyro stabiliser!) – I am shooting with a Canon R5 so I have plenty of “headroom” for image correction. I have been astounded by the results.

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