Auto Mask automatically determines its border within the painted area by contrast detection or color difference.

The tool is looking the form of two concentric discs.
* The painted zone by the inner disk will necessarily be contained in the mask
* The painted zone overflown by the outer disk (with a diameter five times larger) is subject to the similarity to the indications collected in the central area

– Right click on the image to open the radial menu – Select the Auto mask (Shift+ A)
– Paint the area according to the instructions below

The central disk, marked with a cross, must never extend beyond the retouched area.

There is no distinction mark in the bluish representation of the mask.The remedy is very simple; Just switch to eraser mode (Win: Alt / Mac: OPTION) and repaint more precisely until correctly determine the border.

To gain precision and quickly achieve a successful mask, use the largest diameter brush possible. The diameter of the outer disc should be just beyond the desired area for the Auto Mask.

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On the other hand some neighboring areas of densities are not considered, it is necessary to insist by painting again with a smaller brushat the shoes in the illustration.

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The Auto Mask has only one parameter: Variable Size with Ctrl+ / Cmd+ wheel. – All rights reserved – tous droits réservés.

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