It is possible to divert ViewPoint’s geometric corrections to produce an image that fits a more personal vision.

By definition there is no recipe. Everything depends on the rendering you want to achieve. It is however possible to classify them in two families:
* the corrections diversion with playful goal
* the more creative use, with aesthetic or artistic aim 

Give a playful aspect to an image

If ViewPoint corrects the distortions, it is also possible to accentuate it for a funny effect. 
For example, applying a fisheye effect to an image by combining the pincushion distortion and volume distortion corrections with maximum intensity, or the opposite by creating a pseudo 3D effect from a fisheye lens correction .

Since we start from a flawless image, the distortion corrections lead to reverse deformations; for example, a barrel deformation is created using the pincushion correction.

Giving an image a playful aspect

Work on an image for an aesthetic or artistic rendering

The goal is not to have an absolutely faithful presentation of the scene but a personal interpretation remains however plausible. This obviously requires a fairly strict approach and it is often desirable to have thought the final effect from the shooting. – All rights reserved – tous droits réservés.

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