Eraser is comparable to the brush in its handling. It has the same settings.
Only Local Adjustments with drawn masks can be erased – Auto mask, brush and graduated filter.

There are two ways to activate the eraser.

The Eraser tool

The eraser intervenes on the active mask.
– Choose the eraser tool from the Radial menu (Shift+ R Removal)
– Activate a Local Adjustment
is necessary

– Define a blurred feathering (100%) and a very weak flow
– Increase brushstrokes on the area. The opacity rate, generally strong, varies according to the nature of the desired border

– Often Release the mouse to check the progress
– Undo (Ctrl+ Z /
Cmd+ Z) if too much erased
– Resume the erroneously deleted areas by selecting the original Local Adjustment again

Eraser mode

It is possible with Brush and Auto Mask type masks to go straight to the eraser mode by holding down the key Win: Alt / Mac: OPTION.

For the graduated mask, choose either the brush or the eraser and press the key Win: Alt / Mac: OPTION.

The erase mode is accessible only IF the type of Local Adjustment defined by the Radial menu corresponds to one of these two masks type. – All rights reserved – tous droits réservés.

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