Perspective correction by the verticals

In palette “Perspective”   
– ViewPoint: Button “Force vertical parallels”
– PhotoLab: Button “Force parallel”
ViewPoint only: The Tab[ulation] key is used to navigate from one marker to another.

Perspective correction by the verticals

Perspective Correction by Horizontals

Contrary to the correction by verticals which is in common use, correction by horizontals is limited to a few cases. By straightening the vanishing (who become thus parallel) it does not respect the rules of perspective. 
Its scope concerns topics framed almost from face (but not quite). The vertical axis of shooting (downward or low angle shot) must also be sufficiently limited not to present vertical vanishing too important (otherwise it is better to use the correction 8 points).

In palette “Perspective”   
– Button “Force horizontal parallels” 
– PhotoLab: Button “Force parallel” – Rotate the vertical lines by a quarter turn

Perspective Correction by Horizontals

Perspective correction by Rectangle

This tool is intended to straighten any square or rectangular subject taken at any angle. What conduit to move from one point of skew view in a strictly frontal view.

In palette “Perspective” 
– “Rectangle” button

The recovery of the perspective necessarily leads to a deterioration of the quality of the image in the most stretched parts. Although ViewPoint behaves pretty well in this exercise. It is better to limit to reasonable angles of shooting.

* It is imperative that the subject to straighten is flat
This only concerns a limited number of cases, but for which the function is of great interest. In particular because the original proportions of the subject (Width / Height aspect ratio) are restored correctly.
* The photographer must provide the recovery in a perfect rectangle when shooting. It is recommended to align the side of the subject nearest with the edge of the frame to maintain image quality. 
* In addition for short-range views taken at a large angle, there may also be problems with insufficient depth of field between the near and far edges

Perspective correction by rectangle

Perspective correction 8 points

This tool combines the possibilities of correction by the verticals (perspective correction) and by the horizontals (horizontal recovery for a subject taken “almost” Front) with the advantage that it can take into account plans different
The field of application concerns the subjects with a scene mainly frontal downward shooting or, more generally, low angle shooting.
The typical case is a courtyard with a central facade “almost” front view and facades in return.

In palette “Perspective” 
– “8 points” button 

Perspective correction 8 points 1

Perspective correction 8 points 2

Modulate the intensity of perspective correction using lines and points

As for the automatic perspective, it is possible to reduce the effect of the corrections with the slider “Intensity” if it is deemed desirable. – All rights reserved – tous droits réservés.

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