The button “Nik Collection” creates a JPEG or TIFF file and proposes the list of Nik modules.
– The extension _Nik is added at the end of the name (This name extension is not configurable)
– PhotoLab can only send one image at a time to Nik Collection

For a non-destructive flow between Photolab and Nik

Nik Collection offers the ability of a non-destructive process for a new edition with PhotoLab.

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1- The image processed by PhotoLab is sent a first time “Export to Nik Collection“.  (image_1)Default setting: “Export as 16 bit TIFF“.

The presented mechanism works only with a TIFF image.

2- Edit this image with a Nik Collection module (here we use Analog Efex Pro) then save it with the “Save and edit later” option (image_2).
Remember to deactivate the PhotoLab filter; Display raw images as well as RGB images.

3- Edit this image again in PhotoLab (here we shift the color of the face to blue) and export it to Nik but this time with the option “Export without processing” (image_3). 

4- Edit this image a second time with a Nik Collection module (here Add dust with Nik Analog Efex) and save.   (image_4) 
Please mind, PhotoLab does not automatically update the image. Click on another thumbnail and then return to the image to view it.

How does this process work?

This process uses the multipage mode of the TIFF format.

* The TIFF file generated by Nik contains both versions.
– original image_1 as received from PhotoLab
– image_2 modified with the details of the recipe applied by Nik
The file is therefore twice as big.

* In the second exported TIFF file (image_3), Photolab applied the blue shift to both versions of the image (image_1bis and image_2bis).

* When opening the file image_3, Nik reads the image_1bis modified by Photolab and then applies again the recipe that gave image_2 before continuing with the addition of dust.

* The image_4 file that Nik generates always contains image_1bis as the original image and image_4 as the result as well as the details of the recipes applied by Nik in steps 2 and 4. – All rights reserved – tous droits réservés

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