The comparison of the current image is done with:
* its instances (virtual copies). 
* its variants exported in the current session and present in the current folder (according to the photo library).
* By default the raw image is targeted.

With the default option, “No correction (with geometry)“, geometric corrections, Lens corrections as well as Horizon and Perspective ViewPoint, are taken into account.
– Select the version in the version list
– Click / Release the “COMPARE” button (Ctrl+ D/ D)
Click the button “COMPARE side by side” (Ctrl+ T/ C ) displays two windows
The current image is on the right, the other version is on the left

* The movements and zooming are identical to the two images
* The scale values will not match if the exported version has been resized
* The previously exported active image is displayed faster than the image in memory (without resizing)

When the comparison is requested during the correction activity using tools, such as WB and HSL droppers, repair masks and local adjustments, it is presented differently.
* The view button offers the “Split View” (Ctrl+ T / C), the window is divided into two. Double click on the slider to split it horizontally.
* When a tool is activated (*), the version (in the version list) changes to “(Compare with a version of) all current patches except this one”.

 (*) The WB and HSL corrections only change mode after activation of the pipette

The comparison with a variant is not always interesting. Sometimes the user just wants to check the influence of a correction or a different value.

Switch between before and after (Ctrl+ Z then Ctrl+ Y) 
– Use the history from a step and then return (Ctrl+ Z)
Deactivate a correction (Click the blue dot) to see its interest
– Also think of using the virtual copies created just for the occasion and immediately destroyed – All rights reserved – tous droits réservés.

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