The quality of perspective correction by DxO is remarkable for:
* The precision of its realization benefiting from the cancellation of the optical distortion according to the focal length and the focusing distance
* The reconstitution of the intermediate pixels taking into account the performance of the optics
* The ability to twist the image for complex corrections
* The remedy for volume deformation (anamorphosis) restoring proportionsViewPoint functionality requires a separate license.

See the

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Quick tour of the embedded version of ViewPoint in PhotoLab.
– The magic wand proposes the correction automatically 
– The Auto Horizon is cancelled (only if it has been done with the AUTO option)
– The direction of the Auto correction can be limited with the options following horizontals or verticals only (Advanced settings – Auto mode)
– The intensity is better to be reduced to 90% or 80% for a more natural effect
– The display of the grid (Ctrl + G / G) allows to check the precision
– When making manual corrections, turn off Auto Crop which causes the image to skip.

With very wide angle lenses, Volume Distortion can sometimes be countered by correcting Distortion in the “Geometry” palette.

Correcting Perspective is also useful for countering high-angle / low-angle effects and restoring the proportions of characters on different planes.

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Commentary on the methodology applied to the illustration:
Up / Down tilt correction: -15 to straighten characters
Right / Left tilt correction: +25 to balance proportions
Volume deformation (diagonal): 100%, the default value of 150% is too large
– Refine the characters who “settle” a little, H/V ratio: +3 (very low value) – All rights reserved – tous droits réservés.

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