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TutoDxO.com is an independent website of the company DxO Labs.

It presents itself as a series of tutorials aiming to learn how to develop digital photos, to study in detail the features, and finally, the total mastery of the DxO PhotoLab software.
It completes the manual by approaching the software from the user’s side.

This site is the modern edition of a first release that has evolved together with those of PhotoLab since 2017. The realization was done thanks to the determination of Cyril Beaudron who invested himself completely in a project that was not his own. Without him, this project would never have seen the light of day. I thank him for that.

Contrary to a blog presenting the appreciation of its author, several editors or advisors – reviewers have elaborated it. This site is intended to be a shared knowledge base.
Some articles are not finished and will be online soon. A whole part of the project is still to come; the realization of images or, Creativity with PhotoLab and FilmPack.

Only the interest met will determine its growth. We are waiting for your opinions, criticisms and encouragements in order to measure the interest of the approach and count on each reader to spread his address and contribute to its success. Please use the comment function available at the bottom of each page.

See you soon to succeed in this adventure.

For any questions about Photolab, please leave a comment on the articles.
You can send a mail for a personal message : tuto.dxo [at] free.fr

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Noël Levasseur · 2022,January 25 at 7:19 pm

This is great resource to more easily evaluate DXO Photolab. Well done! Keep the updates coming.

Dolf · 2022,April 19 at 9:36 am

Fine tutorials! I hope to learn in the future: selecting persons or things, in order tot select/Cut and paste. So I can put them in another picture. Hope that is possible in Photolab 5.

Pascal Pelé · 2022,April 25 at 2:25 pm

Unfortunately not, this is the task of a raster software like Affinity photo or PS.

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