Processing an image with DxO PhotoLab.

Find the atmosphere of the image at the time of shooting

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This image has undergone a classic development in PhotoLab 1
and perspective has been changed with the
DxO ViewPoint 3 plug-in.

Apply Local Adjustments 

In this state, the picture corresponds to the mood of that day. But its low contrast drowns the subject. It is best to blur the background.

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Darkening the sky > Graduated Filter inclined according to the roof pitch.

– Start the tool “Local Adjustments” in the top tool bar
– A: Right Click to open the radial menu and choose Graduated Filter
– Held Right Click on the handle (1) from the dotted line to adjust the angle
> Exposure -4 EV (2) allows you to emphasize the effect.

Erase the mask on the head of the statue and the wall on the left
– B: Right Click to open the radial menu and choose Eraser
Feathering 60% Flow 50% Opacity 100%

With full Opacity (3) to ensure erasure.
On the other hand, a less value for Flow (3′) to allow brushstroke application.
Feathering at 60% (3″) to allow brushstroke application without over-marking the border.

> Refit the exposure (2) Graduated filter à -1.5 EV for the good adjustment.

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Blur the terrace too apparent > Brush (C) Flow 100% Opacity 10%

Choose a lower Opacity value because the blur cursor works very fast
On the other hand, Flow is on the maximal value to avoid brushstroke difficult to control with this Opacity rate.
> Set the Exposure sliders at-4 EV and Blur at 100% to control the mask application.
Back and forth between brush and eraser are needed to protect the boys and the statue.

– Hold down the “Alt” key (4) switch between the Brush tool and the eraser
– Work with a high zoom ratio and move through the image
  Hold down the space bar and drag with Left click held down
– Activate the wheel to change the zoom ratio keeps the apparent diameter of the brush
– Ctl+ wheel change brush diameter
– Shift+ wheel varies the feathering brush ratio

! Brush values are kept independently for each tool.

> Exposure -3,5 EV (5) … but to one-tenth power!
  Choose a zoom value at least 75% to assess blur quality
> Blur at 25% (6)

Erase once again this mask at the street level to give a more natural transition. Decrease Opacity.
> Eraser Flow 75% Opacity 50%

Compare (D) (Ctl+D Win /D Mac) Check Local Adjustment application throughout the process

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Darken the chrome and bike can is too bright > Control point

The Control point principle changes the equivalent pixels (brightness, contrast and color) in the circle to those of the crosshair (7).

– E: Right Click to activate radial menu and choose Control point

Create a Control point group all responding to the same correction.

– Right Click on the can (7) and then 3 others clicks on highlights areas. Active Control point is a circle with a solid line > Exposure -2 EV (8)

  A Control point (CP) from the group can be suppressed
– Press the “DELETE” key for the current CP
– An inactive CP, such as (9), cannot be deleted

All masks must be inactive to create a new one
   or Click “New mask” (F)

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Desaturate the red jerseys that draw attention > Control point
Contrast -70% Saturation -45% (10)

Give “pep” to bronze statues that do not “crunch” enough
> Auto Mask to automatically cut out the statue
This tool delimits its border according to the contrast.

> Sharpness +50%
ATTENTION: This effect is only visible at a zoom value of at least 75% !

– Close the “Local Adjustments” tool with the upper toolbar button or the “ENTER” key

The image is ready, the subject  is reinforced.

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