A selection of complementary software to PhotoLab.


The Windows viewer does not manage color spaces. You have to use a viewer like XnView. Same problem with web browsers, only Firefox can handle them.

Remember that PhotoLab (like others) displays a preview. The only judge of the result is display the output image with an adequate software.

XnView does EVERYTHING (exhaustive, it’s rare to use this word) you need to manage your photos. It allows you to manipulate raw files before developing them in PhotoLab.

FastStone Image Viewer and IrfanView are very good too. It’s a matter of taste.

Raw files review

Fast Raw Viewer and Rawdigger allow to check if a raw file contains really overexposed data.

Images management and catalog

The keywords appear in DxO Photolab 5 who use XMP sidecars.

Digikam is a free software solution specialized in photo management and cataloging.
Photo Mechanics for quick viewing and sorting of raw, coupled with a catalog.
Excire Foto uses Artificial Intelligence to recognise, classify and keyword your photos.

Photo assembly

Hugin, Autopano and Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor (ICE). For the assembly of several images as well as perspective projection with straightening and rotation.

Odd-job software

Completely backwards 😉
A website offering tools to do everything … without software.

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